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One of the main sources of drama in Leigh's work is the fallacy of self-knowledge. Peter sincerely believes he is taking an interest in Hilda in Bleak Moments, even as he patronizes and talks down to her. Beverly honestly thinks she is the soul of kindness and consideration in Abigail's Party, even as she bullies and harasses her cocktail party guests. Melody sincerely feels she is "bonding" with Stan in Home Sweet Home, even as she repeatedly insults him and misunderstands virtually everything he says. Aubrey truly imagines himself to be sexy, cool, and hip, and Nicola is genuinely convinced that she is the only member of the family who cares about others, even as scene after scene of Life is Sweet demonstrates that they are very nearly the opposite of their ideas of themselves.

Precisely because we cannot escape our personalities, we are not open-ended, free, and able to live our dreams in Leigh's world. We cannot be or do anything we imagine. We are not infinite in possibility, but fundamentally limited and constrained. Leigh's characters have particular identities which stand between them and their visions of themselves. They are not open-ended, but tangled up backward into their past (their social background, upbringing, personality, and memories), forward into their future (their obligations and responsibilities), and outward into everything around them (their job, family, and personal forms of expression). Leigh characters are particular individuals, grounded in specific sets of circumstances, mannerisms, ways of talking (including the specific, local accents that drive many American viewers up a wall in Four Days in July, for example), and ways of knowing that they can never escape. Each has distinctive pacings, rhythms, memories, and physical attributes. There is no realm of thought, feeling, and intention free of these contingencies. There is no realm of ideas, feelings, or intentions that is not inflected by what we are. Contrary to Isabel's dream, there is no realm of consciousness that is sprung free from social contingency and psychological particularity. We and all of our expressions are fundamentally mediated and compromised. That acknowledgment of our limitations is what American viewers can find depressing about Leigh's work. His characters' expressive possibilities are radically constrained. They can never be anything other than what they are.

There\u2019s something unique and special about college towns, the way they\u2019re tiny little isolated entities unto themselves. Athens, Tuscaloosa, Oxford, so many more \u2014 each one both a refuge from the world and a chance to find out who you are before you enter it. There\u2019s a reason real estate is so expensive in these glorious little burgs \u2014 all of us old alumni are trying to recapture that ephemeral joy, expansiveness and freedom from grown-up obligations that wraps you like a warm blanket of your alma mater\u2019s colors when you\u2019re in a college town.

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