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What is the best place to wear the Couple Rings and engagement ring and the reason

What should you wear with the wedding engagement ring and ring prior to, during and after the wedding ceremony? Here are all the answers to this question, ranging from superstition and tradition.

Test them out and see what you think! After describing the process of selecting the perfect ring for a wedding proposal This guide will show you how to wear it prior to, after, and even during the wedding. It also includes interesting facts about the origins of these customs and superstitions.

1. Where should you put your Couple Bracelets

The wedding ring is put on the ring finger because, according to an ancient belief, a vein flows through it that goes directly to the heart; it's symbolic to give to this jewel the role of guiding thoughts to the heart, and ensuring love and happiness. In Italy, the ring is worn on left hand. However in other countries such as Spain and Greece it is worn right. It is believed that wearing a wedding ring before the wedding can bring bad luck in each country.

2. What to wear with the engagement ring

Are you more either a diamond or an emerald green? Make sure you wear your engagement ring on the left hand until you're married, irrespective of the stone you choose. Move it to the left before the morning of the day you say "Yes I Do" to make it easier. The engagement ring should not be purchased with the wedding ring, since it can bring bad luck.

3. What happens after the wedding?

Following the fateful date These two gems that represent your unbreakable union may be positioned together on the ring fingers on the left hand. Except for these five occasions, it is better to take them off.

You can find the perfect ring simply by turning to the nearest vendors.

The wedding reception is an important occasion to celebrate, and what better way to show your excitement than by sending official engagement greetings? Find out the top 40 beautiful and exciting engagement greetings that will best express your joy for this joyful event.

This list of phrases that you can use to send an official engagement greeting begins with a few classic phrases. These phrases are easy to use, whether you're old pals or you've just had the pleasure of meeting them. You can make use of all the engagement words that are listed in the following paragraphs in their entirety or just choose a few words to add to your greeting card, with a personal message.

It does not matter if they're spoken or written or if you are using phrases for wedding vows but what is important is that the gesture is spontaneous and flows from your heart.


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