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What is the odd-even bet in football? Only 5 sharp ways to play odd-even

Is the odd-even bet in football worth investing time and money into? How to make money from bookmakers with this odd-even bet?

If you're not clear about it, or haven't understood it thoroughly, then follow my article closely. There will be many surprises waiting for you!

What is the 'odd-even' bet in football?

In simple terms, the odd-even bet is a game of predicting whether the total number of goals scored in a match is even or odd.


Even – EVEN: corresponds to goals scored 0, 2, 4, 6,...

Odd – ODD: corresponds to goals scored 1, 3, 5, 7,...

At first glance, we can see that the odds for each side are 50/50 – a very high ratio, hence it has been favored and widely used recently.

Like any form of betting, odd-even bets are offered by betting experience for players to bet on either in the first half or the entire match.

Let me provide you with an example to make it easier to understand.

Suppose the match between Manchester City and Manchester United ends with a score of 1-3.

In that case, the total number of goals considered for the odd-even bet is 1+3=4.

So, if you bet on even (EVEN), you win the bet. Conversely, if you bet on odd (ODD), unfortunately, you lose.

Thus, odd-even bets depend largely on luck factor as no one can predict the exact score of the match, right?

Stay tuned, I'll show you how to increase your winning chances below.

Analysis of odd-even betting in football

Because odd-even bets have become very popular recently, bookmakers have introduced many variations to make it more appealing, such as:

  • Odd/Odd bet: the number of goals scored by both teams is odd.

  • Odd/Even bet: the number of goals scored by one team is odd, and the other team's is even.

  • Even/Odd bet: the number of goals scored by one team is even, and the other team's is odd.

  • Even/Even bet: the number of goals scored by both teams is even.

  • Odd-even bet on the total number of yellow cards.

  • Odd-even bet on the total number of corner kicks.

  • Odd-even bet on the total number of penalties, etc.

Are you feeling more excited now that you've followed along?

Many people have been asking: how do you calculate winnings for odd-even bets? Which reputable bookmakers offer odd-even bets?

The calculation for winning odd-even bets is as follows:

Winnings = Bet amount x Total goals odds

Note that odd-even bets only consider goals scored within the official 90 minutes of play and stoppage time. It does not include extra time or penalty shootouts!

To make it easier to understand, let me provide an example:

Let's say Manchester United is playing against Manchester City, and the bookmaker offers odds of 0.85 for an even bet. You place a bet of 200k on the even (EVEN) bet.

And luckily, the total number of goals scored in the match is 4. So, you will win the following amount: 200 x 0.85 = 170k.

It's simple and easy to understand, isn't it? If you've understood this, let's move on to some win tips bet for winning odd-even football bets!

5 top-notch ways to bet on odd-even in football

Although betting is a game of chance, heavily reliant on luck, increasing your chances of winning is not impossible.

Here are 5 ways to increase your chances of winning in odd-even football betting:

#1 Base it on head-to-head history

If two teams have previously faced each other, I have a few home win tips for you.

If the two teams have had a draw, then odd-even bet is a worthy consideration.

If the two teams have closely matched scores, with only a one-goal difference, then odd bet should be prioritized.

#2 Base it on form

If two teams have never met before, then you should rely on the recent match history of each team. This helps you consider the likelihood of goals scored in the upcoming match.

If both participating teams are strong, with distinctive playing styles, it's difficult to score goals and the scoreline is usually close, then odd bet is easier to win.

If there is a significant gap in class between the two teams, then the goal-scoring rate is higher and a large difference in score is more likely, then even bet should be prioritized.

#3 Base it on handicap

You will have to rely on the football odds offered by the bookmaker to predict the initial scoreline. Based on this scoreline, predict whether the total number of goals will be even or odd.

#4 Consider odd-even bets as secondary bets

It sounds strange in an article mainly about odd-even bets, right?

But that's the truth because the odds are 50/50, so the likelihood of losing is also very high, so you shouldn't bet a lot of money on it. You should only bet a little and occasionally.

#5 Smartly bet on combination odd-even

Here we are, the last method I'll share with you, keep following because this is a way to earn a lot of money in odd-even bets.

According to statistics, there are few teams that have had more than 5 matches ending with an odd or even goal total. Therefore, if you notice this pattern after 5 matches, players can join from the 6th match onwards to bring in more profit.

However, remember to choose only combination bets of 2 or at most 3 to increase your chances of winning!

Where should you bet on odd-even in football?

This is a question that many people are concerned about because nowadays, there are many fake bookmakers appearing on the market to take advantage of and steal the assets of genuine sports betting enthusiasts.

Therefore, always be cautious and choose reputable bookmakers before placing bets on any odds!

One of the bookmakers that most genuine sports betting enthusiasts choose to play with, they recommend depositing money into clevertips.

This bookmaker is licensed by PAGCOR, pays out winnings fairly, ensures absolute security, and has high-speed access. For new players, there are many amazing promotions, and loyal customers also enjoy many VIP benefits.


Odd-even bets in football are a supplementary betting option for those who are passionate about betting but do not want high risks. They aim to increase the excitement and anticipation in each match, whether you're a beginner looking for a gentle introduction to betting or someone seeking a refreshing change with a light-hearted bet that still offers enticing rewards.

However, it's important not to rely too much on it or any type of betting for that matter. Remember, just play for fun, so whether you win or lose, you can still enjoy life, right everyone!

Choose reputable, secure betting platforms to avoid unfortunate situations!

Or explore more ways to bet on different football betting odds to increase your chances.


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