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Join Kwazi on His Epic Journey in Mahjong Quest II - Free Full Version Download

Mahjong Quest 2 offers three game modes that keep the game entertaining, exciting, and last a long time. This game has a freeplay mode, along with both an adventure and online play. In the freeplay mode you casually play mahjong, pairing tiles and eliminating them from the game board.

As far as flaws go this game has very few. The only real drawbacks are features this game is lacking and the monotony you might experience. Unlike a lot of other mahjong tile games, this game does not allow you to create your own layouts or download layouts from others through the internet. Having this option would make this game have seemingly endless layouts and ways to play.

mahjong quest 2 free download full version


Overall, Mahjong Quest 2 is a great mahjong tile game that incorporates adventure nicely. Though you will not be able to create your own layouts or download them from the internet, this game is a top tier mahjong game. The adventure element and online capabilities adds a desire to play many other mahjong titles lack. Also, the rich strategic elements coupled with the enriching qualities make this a must play.

AdWRAP launches with nine games publishers, covering all major genres of mobile games and allowing consumers to download free ad-subsidised mobile games with targeted ads in full-screen and video format.

"AdWRAP will allow us to continue to develop free high-quality mobile games by providing us an avenue where we can generate revenue just by incorporating non-obtrusive advertisements into our games," stated Damir Slogar, CEO of Big Blue Bubble. "Greystripe's technique not only allows users to fully enjoy great games, but also enables developers to easily and seamlessly implement the technology."

BOXFORD, MASSACHUSETTS & HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY- August 9, 2007 - Funkitron, a widely respected publisher of casual games, and Slingo, Inc., today announced that Slingo Quest, the hit sequel to Slingo Deluxe, is now available for download by Mac users. To purchase Slingo Quest for $19.95 or for a free 60 minute limited trial you may visit

Slingo, Inc. is a U.S. based company that has developed and licensed the intellectual property for Slingo brand games for over 10 years. As a pioneer and thought-leader in the casual games niche industry, Slingo Inc. has successfully licensed to partners world-wide for use with: free online game sites, downloadable games, lottery tickets, casino slot machines and table games, television game show, interactive television, mobile phone games, and other "game-able" mediums. The original Slingo game boasts that over three billion games have been played to date. Slingo, Inc.'s partners include America Online, IGT, United States Playing Card Company, Funkitron, Scientific Games Corporation, PixelPlay, I-play and TVcompass. People can play Slingo by going to -


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