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Quickmastro Crack

Executive SummaryVidar Stealer is a malware specialized in stealing information mainly distributed as spam mail or crack version commercial software and keygen program. When installed, data such as infected device information, account, and history recorded in the browser is collected and leaked to the C&C server.In particular, it is one of the Stealer logs widely traded in DDW, and logs of infected PCs worldwide are being sold.Previously, Vidar Stealer communicated with the C&C server hard-coded in the malware, but from February 3, 2021, the method was changed to dynamically read the C&C server from the regular site.Vidar stealer switches its target software frequently in order to steal credential information stored in various browsers and programs. Therefore, the C&C server is constantly changing, so continuous response is necessary.

Quickmastro Crack

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