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My Boss Malayalam Full Movie 60

My Boss Malayalam Full Movie 60 - A Review

My Boss is a 2012 Malayalam romantic comedy film directed by Jeethu Joseph and starring Dileep and Mamta Mohandas in the lead roles. The film revolves around the relationship between Priya Nair, a short-tempered and ambitious woman who works as a senior manager in a multinational company, and Manu Varma, her subordinate who has a crush on her. The film was a commercial success and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.

In this article, we will review the film and highlight its strengths and weaknesses. We will also provide some information on where to watch the film online.


The Plot

The film begins with Manu Varma, a software engineer, narrating his story to his friend Krishnan. He tells him how he met Priya Nair, his boss, in Mumbai and how he fell in love with her. Priya is a strict and demanding boss who treats her employees harshly. She is also engaged to Rahul, a rich businessman who lives in London. Manu tries to impress Priya with his work and his humor, but she ignores him.

One day, Priya gets a chance to get promoted to the vice president position of her company, but she has to impress the chairman, who is visiting India. She decides to take Manu along with her to Kerala, where the chairman is staying. She also lies to Rahul that she is going to London for a business trip. On their way to Kerala, Priya and Manu face various mishaps and misunderstandings that bring them closer. They also meet Priya's family, who mistake Manu for her fianc. Priya plays along with the lie to avoid trouble.

Meanwhile, Rahul finds out that Priya is lying to him and decides to surprise her in Kerala. He also hires a private detective to spy on her. The detective follows Priya and Manu and takes pictures of them in compromising situations. Rahul confronts Priya and accuses her of cheating on him. He also shows her the pictures taken by the detective. Priya tries to explain that Manu is just her colleague and that nothing happened between them, but Rahul does not believe her. He breaks up with her and leaves.

Priya is heartbroken and blames Manu for ruining her life. She also loses her promotion as the chairman finds out about her lie. She decides to resign from her job and go back to Mumbai. Manu tries to console her and confesses his love for her, but she rejects him. She tells him that she never loved him and that he was just a pawn in her game. She also tells him that he is not worthy of her love and that he should forget her.

Manu is devastated and returns to Mumbai. He decides to move on with his life and focus on his career. He gets a new job offer from a reputed company in Bangalore. He also meets a new girl named Anjali, who likes him. However, he still misses Priya and thinks about her.

One day, he gets a call from Priya's father, who tells him that Priya is in the hospital after attempting suicide. He also tells him that Priya loves him and that she regrets hurting him. He asks him to come and see her once before she dies. Manu rushes to the hospital and finds Priya alive and well. He realizes that it was a prank played by Priya's father and Krishnan, who wanted to reunite them.

Priya apologizes to Manu for her behavior and admits that she loves him too. She tells him that she realized her mistake after losing him and that she wants to be with him. She also tells him that she quit her job and moved back to Kerala. She asks him to forgive her and accept her.

Manu forgives Priya and hugs her. They decide to get married with the blessings of their families. The film ends with them living happily ever after.

The Review

My Boss is a fun-filled and entertaining film that offers a fresh take on the boss-subordinate romance trope. The film has a simple and predictable plot, but it is executed well with witty dialogues, hilarious situations, and good performances by the lead actors.

Dileep delivers a charming and humorous performance as Manu Varma, the lovable and loyal employee who falls for his boss. He showcases his comic timing and his romantic side with ease. He also shares a good chemistry with Mamta Mohandas, who plays Priya Nair, the bossy and ambitious woman who learns to love and live. Mamta Mohandas portrays the character of Priya with grace and confidence. She balances the shades of Priya's personality, from being a rude and arrogant boss to being a vulnerable and caring lover.

The supporting cast of the film also does a commendable job. Saikumar, as Priya's father, is hilarious and endearing. He adds a lot of humor and emotion to the film. Suresh Krishna, as Rahul, is convincing as the jealous and possessive fianc of Priya. He plays the antagonist role with flair. Mukesh, as Krishnan, is funny and supportive as Manu's friend. He also acts as the narrator of the film.

The film also has some catchy songs composed by Sejo John, which suit the mood and theme of the film. The cinematography by Anil Nair is bright and colorful, capturing the beauty of Kerala and Mumbai. The editing by V. Saajan is crisp and smooth, keeping the pace of the film steady.

The film has some drawbacks, such as the clichd and unrealistic climax, the stereotypical portrayal of women in corporate world, and the lack of depth in some characters. However, these flaws do not affect the overall enjoyment of the film.

My Boss is a light-hearted and enjoyable film that will make you laugh and smile. It is a perfect watch for those who love romantic comedies.

Where to Watch

If you are interested in watching My Boss Malayalam full movie 60, you can find it online on Disney+ Hotstar . You can also watch it on YouTube, but you may have to pay a small fee to access it.


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